#16 Reliable (automated?) invitations to public board meetings
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Despite a reminder (or two) from me we did not get the invitation for
the second regular now public board meeting out in time for today's

How do we become better on that?

Automation somehow?

Well, yes. In this case, the email didn't get sent despite me pushing it yesterday.

Couldn't we use code-o-o for that purpose (both the private and public mail)? Set up a new issue after every meeting for the following one, add an email reminder for project@l.o.o.

Let me have a look if the automatic invitation that we have on github could not work for the public invitation as well

Would that work for moments that we change the boardmeeting too? like 2 weeks ago it was a Tuesday instead of Monday.

This is why @hellcp and I were looking at deploying a fedocal instance... Having a proper calendar is useful for being able to set these things and make it easy to change them in one-off cases.

After ripping out fedora-messaging out of it, we could just host it. It would be nice to have a mentoring thing for it as well, so we can fix up some issues with it, but that will likely take up the time nobody has for it

Axel kindly agreed to have a look.

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I pinged Christian (Boltz) with a question, but did not get a reply so far.
Changed invitation data and wait for acceptance of pull request https://github.com/openSUSE/mail-reminder/pull/17

Changes to invitation merged

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