vBulletin 5 Setup for openSUSE Forums

Brief setup instructions:

  1. Prepare the binaries as instructed in init.sls.
  2. salt-call state.apply grains
  3. salt-call state.apply pillar='{"vbulletin":{"tools":"yes"}}'
  4. cd /srv/www/vhosts/forums/
  5. (cd htdocs/core/install; sudo -u nginx php -f upgrade.php)
  6. mysql webforums <db-tweaks.sql
  7. (cd htdocs/core/install; sudo -u nginx php -f upgrade.php)
  8. salt-call state.apply

vBulletin setup tools

If the pillar is truthy, the extra files described below are available to aid with setup of vBulletin.

It is important to disable the pillar and running highstate again to remove the files before production use.


Running this SQL script on the vBulletin database will:

  • Set up the correct grants for the database user.
  • Define the site URL correctly for template setup
  • Adjust various other vBulletin settings

After running the script, run core/install/upgrade.php again to make sure the templates are set up correctly.


A tool for checking that vBulletin is installed correctly, including all dependencies, as well as verifying that it is possible to connect to the database.


Shows phpinfo() for the forum server.


These steps achieve a minimal styling suitable for openSUSE Forums.

Enable the Default vB5 Style, then customize these style variables:

  • global_palette_accent_02 = #73ba25
  • global_palette_text_04 = #5a911d

Finally, change the site logo.