1f0a34 enable syntax checks:

Authored and Committed by Theo Chatzimichos 6 years ago
    enable syntax checks:
    - Add FORMULAS.yaml file that stores information about our installed
      formulas (upstream namespace and repo name), plus information in case
      we have forked them (pending Pull Requests, forked namespace)
    - Add script that clones the formulas inside a specified directory, and
      optionally also creates a symlink from the formula state to /srv/salt.
      Useful for preparing the CI worker environment to be able to run the
      salt tests.
    - Add script that runs salt-call --local state.show_highstate. We
      populate the test environment with multiple grains in order to have
      better coverage on the syntax checking of pillar/salt states
    - Add test_syntax job on .gitlab-ci.yml that prepares the environment
      and runs the test_syntax_check.sh script
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