856cd0 Full wiki setup

Authored and Committed by Christian Boltz 6 years ago
    Full wiki setup
    These files introduce the 'wiki' role, which can do the wiki setup with
    salt automatically. Only 3 things need to be done manually:
    - create /srv/www/*.opensuse.org/secrets.php (with $wgSecretKey and
    - import (and upgrade) the database
    - import the uploaded files
    secrets.php can be automated in the future (when we have handling
    passwords in salt in place), but I don't plan to wait for this ;-)
    The IPs in the wiki pillar for elasticsearch_server and mysql_server are
    those from my local testing and obviously need to be adjusted for the
    openSUSE setup.
    Speaking about local testing - I completely tested this locally with a
    set of VMs and therefore expect that it will "just work[tm]" ;-)
    (as soon as all my pending merge requests are accepted)
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