adbc27 change en-test.o.o mediawiki_src to /usr/share/mediawiki_1_27--git/

Authored and Committed by Christian Boltz 5 years ago
    change en-test.o.o mediawiki_src to /usr/share/mediawiki_1_27--git/
    This allows fast and easy deployment of changes in on en-test.o.o without updating the
    mediawiki_1_27-openSUSE package.
    The big advantage is that it allows testing of skin updates etc. without
    risking breakage on the production wikis.
    Note that (and that's the shocking part of this commit ;-)
    /usr/share/mediawiki_1_27--git/ needs to be `git clone`d manually, and
    also needs several symlinks to /usr/share/mediawiki_1_27/
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