b4fa0d group the tests to run them faster:

Authored and Committed by Theo Chatzimichos 5 years ago
    group the tests to run them faster:
    - introduce stage "validate" that runs code validation/syntax checking
    - introduce script bin/test_validate.sh that runs all the validation
      tests that are not allowed to fail. This way only one container is
      created reducing the time of starting/stopping for the next test. No
      real need for separate container is needed, as the environment is the
      same for all of those tests
    - the show_highstate against upstream formulas test job is being run
      separately as it is allowed to fail, and we don't want it to run on
      production branch (also because there is a change of the testing env)
    - the rest of the tests (only test_nginx for now) are in a test stage,
      which means they will run only if the "validate" stage finishes
      successfully (we don't want to test the generated configs if we know
      that our code is wrong, so less waiting for the test runs)
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