f6d741 bin/test_nginx.sh: clean the /etc/nginx dir completely

Authored and Committed by Theo Chatzimichos 5 years ago
    bin/test_nginx.sh: clean the /etc/nginx dir completely
    - rename the prepare_test_show_highstate_env.sh script to
      prepare_test_highstate_env.sh as it is used not only for show_highstate
      any more, but for various other highstate related tests
    - add flag to prepare_test_highstate_env to install extra packages
      needed for testing
    - install the nginx package, take backup of the /etc/nginx dir and then
      reset it before running the nginx tests
file modified
+4 -3
bin/prepare_test_highstate_env.sh bin/prepare_test_show_highstate_env.sh
file renamed
+7 -5
file modified
+2 -2