Short description of the files in this directory ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is an alphabetical index of files in scripts/, with a short description of each entry. See the scripts' help texts for details. Files marked as 'helper' are not meant to be used directly. Files marked with '???' are yet to be documented. Files marked with 'delete?' are candidates for deletion. arch-symbols - Helper bs-upload-kernel - Script to upload a kernel-source package to the buildservice. Can be used directly or via the osc_wrapper script check-conf - Checks if the config.conf and series.conf files are consistent with what is in the filesystem check-cvs-add - Checks if needed files are git check-patchfmt check-patchhdr - Various checks of patch format and metadata config-diff - ??? cvs-touched-files - Helper cvs-wd-timestamp - Helper diff-symtypes - Show human-readable difference between to /boot/symtypes-*.gz files gen-aseries - ??? (delete?) git-create-branch - Creates a new branch (delete?) git-pre-commit - Pre-commit hook installed by install-git-hooks gitlog2changes - Helper to generate kernel-source.changes guards - Helper to process series.conf / config.conf files install-git-hooks - Install pre-commit hook and other goodies lib - Perl module path - Determine the location of the mainline linux git repository to use as a reference by other scripts. list-symsets - Helper installed by install-git-hooks. Only needed in old branches that have symsets. log - Commits changes to the repository, should be used instead of running 'git commit' directly. log2 - helper mainline-commit - helper - ??? (delete?) osc_wrapper - Builds a kernel package either locally (default) or, when passed the 'upload' command, in the buildservice. patch-report - ??? (delete?) patch-tag - Add a header to a patch patch-tag-template - Helper patch-tags-from-git - Add Git-commit / Patch-mainline to a patch prepare-maint-update - Prepare data into IBS project for maintenance update (usually followed by a manual mr) python - Python module path - Wrapper for 'quilt refresh' to be used in a sequence-patch tree. - kernel-source.changes merge driver installed by install-git-hooks. Only needed in old branches that have kernel-source.changes. - Like 'log' but can be used in the package (delete?). - In a sequence-patch tree, run 'make oldconfig' for all archs / flavors. - Unpack a linux-$version.tar.xz tarball and apply all patches from series.conf. This allows to work on existing patches, add new ones, change the configs etc. series2git - Create a git branch committing patches from series.conf one by one. - Helper stablecmp stableids stableup - Scripts to update to a new stable release. supported-conf-fixup - Fix stale entries in supported.conf - Helper - Prepares a kernel-source package that can be built using osc or uploaded to the buildservice. update-symvers - Updates reference files in kabi/ vc - Helper - Helper - Generate some of the Xen patches.