#104 Please add "curl", "tar", "gzip", "xz", "zstd" to the base containers for GitHub Actions compatibility
Opened 4 months ago by Pharaoh_Atem. Modified 4 months ago

I discovered that openSUSE containers are not compatible with baseline GitHub Actions because of the lack of curl, tar, gzip, xz, and zstd in the base image. Competitor images (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu) all include this baseline functionality.

It is technically possible to work around this, but I think people will just not use the images instead.

I've submitted updates for the DNF containers:

The Zypp-based containers need similar updates.

Metadata Update from @lkocman:
- Custom field SUSE Jira - SUSE Linux Enterprise adjusted to https://jira.suse.com/browse/PED-3548

4 months ago

SUSE will add tar/gzip to the container. Thease have very insignificant impact on the image size. This seems to be also what competitors are doing.

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