#105 enable obs prjconf macros for reproducible builds
Opened 4 months ago by jzerebecki. Modified 3 months ago

For ALP we should enable the obs prjconf macros for reproducible builds. See https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Reproducible_Builds#With_OBS for what to do. AFAIK OBS doesn't support submitting such changes, so the project maintainer will need to do the steps.
While doing that we should probably just also do that for Factory and thus Tumbleweed.

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4 months ago

If it's not on for Factory, it's probably not happening for ALP. @bmwiedemann was working on that project, so he might have some insight here.

AFAIK these settings can be switched on in Factory.

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4 months ago

I did receive confirmation from Frederic (one of our ALP architects) and they definitely see this as an improvement, however, team has currently no capacity on taking an extra unplanned work. I can open a feature request, but I'm pretty sure that this won't happen in initial release of SUSE's ALP.

Regarding Leap 16.0, we currently reuse binaries (~370 srpms) from SUSE:ALP core. I'm not sure if the enablement of these macros would actually be useful on such a development model. If somebody still sees a benefit, then I'd be more than happy to enable it, however, we know that Leap 16.0 will not rebuild ALP "core" (~370) packages.

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3 months ago

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