#15 Drop all Python 2 packages
Opened a year ago by lkocman. Modified 11 months ago

Python 2 has been dead upstream for a long time, we will get rid of it in SLES 15 SP4.
We need to document it in the R/N ASAP to make the plan known

For 15 SP4 we need to:

  1. remove python2 packages from the package list
  2. remove the python2 module
  3. create a Release Notes entry that python2 is now removed
  4. adjust tests to not install python2 packages anymore
  5. adjust tests to not use the python2 module anymore

This is happening we're tracking the issue to raise awareness. RN needed.

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So this is going to remove Python 2 completely this breaking support for script and programs that use and require python 2 and wont work with python 3?

Clarification on the scope. I did talk to PM yesterday (Stefan) and we do not have an easy way to completely drop the packages from the IBS/OBS project as these packages are inherited from older SPs.

We will need to filter them out from the final image builds etc, however, they'll be available in the buildroot etc, however the ultimate goal should be to completely avoid build-dependency on it as well, wherever possible. As there won't be any further updates to python2 ecosystem in SP4+.


Marcus M. raised that we still have some remaining packages in openSUSE Backports 15 SP4. This needs to go away.

I've already added it as a topic for the Backports/Packagehub Team in our Release Engineering meeting minutes. https://etherpad.opensuse.org/p/ReleaseEngineering-20211110#L123

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