#16 Rebase firefox to the latest release available
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Our jitsi instance has a struggle with older firefox releases. We'd like to make sure that we run recent version of this popular version. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Release_Management/Calendar

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Firefox ESR 91 will release on August 10, which is a good target for inclusion for SLE/Leap 15.4. Chances are pretty good it'll get shipped in SLE/Leap 15.3 as an update too, since Firefox ESR 78 will be EOLed very shortly after ESR 91's release.

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2 years ago

Firefox 90 was released for Linux this afternoon: https://fx-trains.herokuapp.com/ to find the release calendar for the releases :)

There has been a patch release for the latest ESR now too 91.0.1esr: https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/91.0.1esr/


the latest Firefox is in the TW snapshot that released yesterday

There is a new ESR on Wednesday this week too

There will be a new Firefox ESR releases this afternoon 91.2.0esr and 78.15.0esr

This years first ESR update will be out tomorrow evening

EDIT: tonight even in 4 minutes


This years first Firefox ESR update releases in 3 minutes

There was a new ESR yesterday

Mozilla now has a new website out that tracks ESR releases: https://fx-trains.herokuapp.com/release/?version=esr

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