#24 Consider dropping gap: fails to build on s390x and was removed from factory
Closed: Completed 2 years ago by lkocman. Opened 2 years ago by lkocman.

discussion about gap (fails to build on s390x), shall we keep it in Backports (it was removed from Factory long time ago)

Max: we usually don't drop package within the service pack. But if we can't find maintainer and we can't rebuild it, then we can make exception and there are no interested users.

Release notes and annoucement on factory would be needed

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2 years ago

Got in touch with Jan Engelhardt and he mentioned that gap was removed from Factory because it isn't FHS-compliant and upstream refused to change that.
The old version (as it is in Leap 15.2 and Backports) was working but new version might not.

So I guess it is better to remove it completely from Leap/Backports.

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2 years ago

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