#25 drpm support
Opened 2 years ago by lkocman. Modified 2 years ago

after discussion with Enno Gotthold.

The use-case us pulp with cobbler as a lightweight alternative to e.g. RMT.

This will need Delta RPM support in createrepo_c as the current upstream cobbler code requires it.

State of DRPM in Leap/SLE-15

We are going to drop the drpm support in createrepo_c for SLE 15 SP3 / Leap 15.3 as part of Closing The Leap Gap Feature Unification as we were not able to find somebody who'd like to sponsor maintainership of drpm.

Cobbler maintainer (Enno Gotthold ) showed interest, but his current employment status doesn't allow him to take over maintainership. But we'd like to revisit this idea in a foreseeable future.

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2 years ago

Move from SUMA, to SLE. As the TPM who was driving this is no longer with SUSE. Not this will be treated as a regular SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4 request. Maintainer will be Enno as agreed before.

I did ask on libera/#pulp if the dependency is still required in 2.X. Otherwise I have approval on PM side, but I want to be sure we won't add it so we can remove it in later devel phase of 15.4.

Thank you for your understanding.

It's required for DeltaRPM support in Pulp v3, since it uses createrepo_c Python bindings.

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2 years ago

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