#26 self-update support for yast
Closed: Rejected 8 months ago by lkocman. Opened 10 months ago by lkocman.

We would like to introduce self-update support for installer in 15.4
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Seems like there are no changes needed aside from control file for yast team. Lukas confirmed that having self-update support would simplify work for yast team.

What we have to figure out is if we can get support for the self-update repos and having them covered by tests.

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10 months ago

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10 months ago

The need of the self-update just got smaller as we have working QU (Quarterly Update) setup.


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8 months ago

Rejecting the issue, since the QU will in fact do the same, just less-often.

If there is any big problem regarding installer just pop-up on Release team meeting and request image update. We can do this async from the regular update plans if needed.


QU1 was published today. Announcement was sent to opensuse-project@ and opensuse-announce@

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