#29 TimescaleDB update to 2.x
Closed: Completed 2 months ago by lkocman. Opened 2 years ago by predivan.

timescaledb version in Factory is 1.7.x, IIRC.

Upstream tweaked/changed their Timescale license a bit with 2.x release,
so the question is does SUSE Legal department still thinks that shipping Timescale-licensed parts of the extension, despite the license changes, is a no-go?
(AFAIK, PostgreSQL official rpm repo (https://zypp.postgresql.org)
offers two packages for it, one with Apache licensed parts, and one 'full', FWIW).
Issue might be that, IIRC, the latest, 2.4.x release dropped postgres-11 support.

Tangentially related, AFAICT, there is no timescaledb 1.x build for postgres13 on Leap-15.3.

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2 years ago

Lubos to check on this package with Legal team https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/server:database:postgresql/timescaledb

TODO: check if this was covered in the 15.3 IPRQ request.

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2 years ago

Unfortunately no update from my side. I still have to take this to legal department.

I see that it made it to factory 4 months ago. So we have green.

@predivan will you submit it for Leap 15.5? I'd prefer not to introduce new package in 5.4:Update. And we've missed package addition deadline for Leap 15.4 Beta.

Flagging as Leap maintainer missing.

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11 months ago

As far as I am concerned, this can be closed.
With ALP on the horizon, submitting/maintaining this for 15.5 would be a waste of time, particularly because I no longer need or use it.

I can see we already have 2.9.3 version in 15.5

Closing as resolved.

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2 months ago

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