#33 Drop yast2-printer in favor of driverless printing
Opened a year ago by lkocman. Modified 8 months ago

From Ludwig Nussel:
You may want to add drop yast2-printer in favor of driverless printing https://lwn.net/Articles/857502/ according to the discussion on the factory ml

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a year ago

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a year ago

Just wondering - does this really need to be yast2-printer XOR driverless?

Driverless sounds like a good idea for new printers (and probably is a good default), but for older printers yast2-printer might still be useful.

PM Statement is currently deferring to future. We would appreciate any specific details about timing. This could be quite extensive change so definitely matches more 15.4 (Feature release) than 15.5 (More conservative release).

This will require complete rebase of cups (2.4). Neal believes that you can get this working with 2.3 (we do have 2.3.3 in factory now)

We would also have to add pappl to the distribution.

I did give an echo about the feature to a team lead who also covers printing subsystem. Let's see what team thinks about the request.

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11 months ago

Considering for Next. Also feature should be split into two, driverless printing and then separate one for dropping of yast-printer

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8 months ago

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