#34 Update zchunk and zstd
Closed: Completed 3 months ago by lkocman. Opened 2 years ago by lkocman.

We would like to update zchunk and zstd to a recent versions specifically zchunk-1.1.16 and zstd-1.5.0

zstd changes
1.5.0 introduces a new default match finder for the compression strategies greedy, lazy, and lazy2, (which map to levels 5-12 for inputs larger than 256K). The optimization brings a massive improvement in compression speed with slight perturbations in compression ratio (< 0.5%) and equal or decreased memory usage.

zchunk changes
Fix major bug when compressing with dictionary

libzypp is inherited to SLE 15 SP4 from SLE-15-SP2:Update this is where we'll have to update the zstd/zchunk as well.

libdnf also depends on this library.

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