#37 offline install: repos without releasever
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Running an upgrade from 15.2 > 15.3.

Specifically using an DVD ISO to upgrade,
It looks like the simple solution to modify repo URLs has been to simply remove all old repos and install repos likely with the $releasever variable.

A consequence of removing all repos entirely is that if the User has any number of repos with sometimes odd or unusual URI paths, those will all have to be researched and set up again, or the User has to cancel the upgrade, backup or otherwise archive the repo list and then run the upgrade again.

Of course, the upgrade repo option other than to remove the repo is impossible, which is to leave the repo enabled with the 15.2 repo path.

Request for future ISO upgrades is to re-enable the "Disable" option, and optionally to make the necessary path changes to use $releasever.
If this request is implemented, maybe a warning should also display that disabled repos should not be re-enabled without close examination to make sure the repo exists for the upgraded openSUSE version and verified configured properly.

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We should not do this. The general trend is to get us to using $releasever consistently. Indeed, for Leap 15.3, rpm-repos-openSUSE-Leap provides such repository definitions for the DNF package manager to allow such upgrades with the following workflow:

$ sudo zypper install dnf rpm-repos-openSUSE-Leap
$ sudo dnf install 'dnf-command(system-upgrade)'
$ sudo dnf system-upgrade --releasever=<VERSION> download
$ sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

When the Leap 15.4 repositories become available, then the above workflow with 15.4 in place of <VERSION> will seamlessly upgrade you to Leap 15.4. We should move everything to use rpm-repos-openSUSE-Leap instead of having YaST do weird things to the repo files.


we were discussing this feature and we would like not to touch repositories without $releasever.

There are many scenarios in which these repositories may be perfectly okay. Imagine e.g. http://c00lstuff.org/SLE-15/*.repo or it could be also a generic x86_64 repo with a single binary.

Disabling repository might by highly unwanted and we can't really see any easy way to auto-examine the repository.

So our recommendation is to simply keep the current behavior.

If you have some particular proposal, feel free to stop at our Monday 15:00 CEST meeting at https://meet.opensuse.org/FeatureRequests

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