#39 Prefer UEFI when creating new virtual machines
Opened 2 years ago by Pharaoh_Atem. Modified a month ago

UEFI has been around for over 15 years now, and with hardware now coming out that lacks support for the UEFI CSM for legacy BIOS boot support, we should change our virtualization stack defaults so that UEFI is used by default.

This change would also align with the upcoming release of Microsoft Windows 11, which only supports UEFI with Secure Boot. The general expectation will be that people shouldn't need to fiddle with such things to make working machines. With KVM and Xen through virt-manager; virt-install; gnome-boxes; and cockpit-machines, we should have UEFI as the default so that things work.

Ideally, for UEFI boot by default, UEFI boot should also include CSM support, so that it's transparent and legacy stuff works too.

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- Issue set to the milestone: 15.4

2 years ago


SUSE's take on the request is following

+- jsc#SLE-21540 Dev: Prefer UEFI when creating new virtual machines.
+ Add a preferences option to allow users to default to UEFI when
+ creating a new VM. Libvirt decides which firmware file to use.
+ virtman-add-firmware-preferences.patch
+- Renamed patch virtinst-modify-gui-defaults.patch to
+ virtman-modify-gui-defaults.patch

This was already released as part virt-manager in 15 SP4 GA

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- Custom field SUSE Jira - SUSE Linux Enterprise adjusted to https://jira.suse.com/browse/SMO-224

a month ago

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