#4 revisit Base pattern unification with SLE
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openSUSE Leap lives somewhere in between SLES and SLES + Workstation Extension

However some patterns such as base could be alike.

This is a task to re-visit again very fundamental patterns and unify them. Initially base, but generally do some analysis and try to justify differences, or unify them.

I've had original discussion with Stefan Behlert on this topic during the Leap SLE diff analysis, however we did agree that it's not 1:1 mapping and somehow kept patterns as they are.

@fcrozat suggested that we should revisit this in 15.4

Lubos will get the diff of groups and package entries, and then talk to SME for package groups to discuss individual differences and see what makes sense to unify and what not.

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Hello team,

since I have not seen any activity on the topic recently, I'm proposing to deffer this to 15.5.

Otherwise we still have about 16 days until Beta freeze for Leap. Feature drop deadline for SLE is in two days.


So here is the report from the JeOS/Minimal-VM team about this epic (thanks to @gmoro ):

Final report

The main focus was kept in minimising the differences between SLES and openSUSE
The first was patterns-base-minimal_base that was mostly equivalent to openSUSE patterns-base-base, and also being sure that all changes in both divergent patterns-base patterns were bi-directionally added.

Service Requests

Here is all SRs we have pushed for this epic.

Patterns that were brought closer, but still present substantial differences:

  • patterns-base-base
  • patterns-base-enhanced_base

This patterns influence directly the installation so we were very cautious with changes, most important changes were synced and now we are ready for the next phase

Patterns that are fully synced and need very little work:

  • patterns-base-apparmor
  • patterns-base-basesystem
  • patterns-base-basic_desktop
  • patterns-base-console
  • patterns-base-minimal_base
  • patterns-base-bootloader (newly added)
  • patterns-base-transactional_base
  • patterns-base-sw_management
  • patterns-base-selinux

These patterns were brought to sync with openSUSE and should require minimum effort to be fully synced

Patterns still not worked at:

  • patterns-base-x11_enhanced
  • patterns-base-x11
  • patterns-base-update_test

These patterns were not touched because we need to review all other DE patterns to ensure what is going to be affected.

Other patterns change:

Also, all patterns with _opt suffix (e.g. patterns-base-enhanced_base_opt) were removed from SLES patterns, this was dropped in openSUSE, and in SLES was specially used to separate things SLES did not want to include, this is one of of the reasons to not having a fully merged enhanced_base


As part of the woks we updated spec-cleaner to support patterns better and have a way to create a minimal diff of the current openSUSE in relation to SLES.

Packaging guidelines

Some problems we had with packages and patterns were collected and we drafted some changes to the packaging guidelines (https://confluence.suse.com/display/jeos/DRAFT+-+Packaging+Guideline).
This task end up having a life of its own and is now being discussed with the packaging team that will work with us for a full revamp of the Portal:Packaging on openSUSE wiki.

Other outputs

Several other outputs were created and are going to be used in different tasks around creating a common base for products and specially around creating a new hierarchy for all patterns in the system and the full merge with Factory
Remainder works and tasks will be linked with a new task for 15-SP5 (https://jira.suse.com/browse/TEAM-5807)

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