#55 Clarify whether SLE 15 SP4 wants llvm13 or we should provide it in Backports
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SLE has llvm{5,7,9,11} which were the respective current versions at the time SP{0,1,2,3} were released. We'd like to have LLVM 13 in Leap, if only to have an up-to-date C/C++ compiler and backend for IDEs.

In the past SLE got LLVM upgrades because of Mesa, but I'm not sure what the status is this time. If SLE doesn't want to support the most recent LLVM, we can add it to Leap of course, at least I'd hope there'd be no conflicts.

Let's see in either way we should not add packages to Leap / Backports after February 16th (Code submission deadline).

I've openned a feature and pinged Product Management. Either way is fine to us. I'd prefer not to mix code-streams for a single application (llvm), but if SLE rejects, we can always supply it in Backports as mentioned by requester.

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Internal jira reference (linked from OPENSUSE-60) is https://jira.suse.com/browse/SLE-23466. Any potential code submission towards SUSE:SLE-15* side shoudl reference jsc#SLE-23466 in SR text.

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I did talk to maintainer, and the recommendation is to have llvm13 updated in Leap instead. SLE always ships only compiler and mesa related libraries, therefore the mission of having up2date toolchain would simply not be met.

We have 9 days prior Beta freeze https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Roadmap therefore let's submit it to openSUSE:Backports:SLE-15-SP4 prior this deadline.

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Ok, I have submitted sr#952277 and sr#952278, let's hope they work out.

thank you, we'll look into it

Both requests landed, thank you for helping out!

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