#56 Update fish to version 3 in SLE15 SP4
Opened a year ago by mlin7442. Modified a year ago

In Backports:SLE-15-SP4 we do have both fish(version 2.x) and fish3(version 3.x), fish(version 2.x) is came from SLE however it is dead and has been deleted in Factory, fish3 in Backports is actually doesn't build for all archs because file conflicting with fish from SLE, I propose we should update fish to version 3 in SLE15 SP4 and drop fish3+fish from Backports.

This is raised by https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/945753 user want to have a newer fish 3.x but we can't take it due to above reason.

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a year ago

we need to temp workraround filelists, so package sucessfully builds and passes rpmlint. And then we'll try to figure out how to properly drop package in SP4 that is inherited from updates.

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a year ago

@lkocman let me know if you need any help here, I was completely unaware fish ever got added to SLE until it was broken in 15.3, if we don't want to ship fish2 at all anymore we may as well just move it back to the fish package.

For some history fish3 was released just after Leap 15.0 and had major config breaks, really making the update unacceptable for Leap, but for people such as myself who run a mix of Leap and Tumbleweed and just want to use one set of config I added fish3 so that people could chose when to migrate. We are now 4-5 years later and so I don't feel quite so bad about forcing people to migrate or we also pull back in the old fish package from an older release from a building / security package there should be no reason to drop the older package (other then maybe replacing python 2 with 3 I don't remember when we did that but its pretty simple).

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