#58 Can Eclipse package be updated in leap 15.4?
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The eclipse package in leap 15.4 is from 2018. Its now 2022. The package is extremely old. Can this package be updated?

Also the java package used to install the latest version of eclipse in leap 15.4 is bugged and crashes immediately on start. I have posted a bug report on this.

Hello @uncle_zeus

we're in a bit of struggle here, as this is a late ask to update relatively large ecosystem and unfortunately Eclipse is inherited from SUSE Linux Enterprise where nobody seemed to touch this for two years.

I'd say that recommended way to use up2date eclipse would be to use flatpak or similar. We can propose this for 15.5 although it's not a feature release. Or perhaps ask to remove Eclipse from SLES completely and supply always the newest version from PackageHub and openSUSE Leap.

I'll make sure that this ask has reached our java and eclipse maintainer.

Thank you

I did message Fridrich to see what is his opinion.

Hey @lkocman

I installed the flatpak version of eclipse early last year on leap 15.3. This worked perfectly. When I went to do the same with my desktop mid summer, the new version of eclipse could not find any of the c/c++ libraries or headers even though they were already in the settings. I also tested for 15.4 alpha and ran into the same issue.

I haven't tried snap version yet. Are you able to use snap on 15.4 alpha? If so I'll test later this week.

Are you able to use snap on 15.4 alpha?

Snap is not officially supported in openSUSE distributions.

I did confirm with Fridrich that we'd prefer to drop Eclipse from SLE as it's quite obsolete and have a community maintianed version in Package Hub instead, or recommend consuming of eclipse from flatpak etc.

Removal from SLES would open door to community as it would be much easier to udpate the eclipse stack.

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Initially proposing to 15.4 SLE-15-SP4 but expecting deffering to SP5.

I'd like to propose to community to send updated eclipse to Backports prior 16th Feb otherwise we'll recommend consuming of eclipse from OBS repos or flatpak.

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Correct @uncle_zeus, Fridrich confirmed it.

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