#60 drop libnbd and nbd-kit from leap 15.4
Closed: Rejected 2 months ago by lkocman. Opened a year ago by aginies.

libnbd and nbd-kit are used only as a build mechanism to construct the containers for CDI; We release the containers containing the components as part of kubevirt-cdi, but we do not release the rpms for nbd-kit or libnbd in SLES, this should be the same for LEAP.

We don't typically filter out packages for openSUSE Leap, though...

@lkocman, is there something to do here?

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a year ago

These packages are simply inherited from SLES, we do not fork nor rebuild them at all.

I recommend to keep it as it is, one way to avoid this (even when not recommended) would be to put it on OBS sync blacklist, we do this only for Live patching, as agreed by PM as this is one of the "added" SLE values.

There are some build requires on the package, and packages are regularly receiving updates (14 days ago etc).

Let's wait 14 days for feedback and then we would reject the request.

Just to comment we do ship many many buildrequires-only in Leap. The benefit of it is that we can more closely provide "self-hosting" even to SLES customers with packagehub channel. Of course with community-only support.

Rejecting the issue, as we still seem to inherit them from SLES 15 SP3:Update

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2 months ago

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