#63 Enlightenment e25 / Terminology 1.12.X Coming in slightly late.
Opened a year ago by simotek. Modified a year ago

Due to very significant branding changes the latest versions of enlightenment and terminology haven't landed in Tumbleweed yet, I expect they'll make it to Tumbleweed in the next week or so and Leap shortly after, then sometime after that there will probably be another branding update from my side that will probably break openQA.

Beyond that I don't see too many issues everything is already building against 15.4 but I figured i'd create a ticket as per your email.

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- Issue set to the milestone: 15.4

a year ago

Hello Simon, thank you. This goes in hand with the request to have up2date desktop/window managers. So we're definitely taking this one in

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- Issue assigned to simotek

a year ago

@simotek is there something else pending? Or can we close the issue? Thank you

Functionally probably not but there will be a new default theme.

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