#64 MyGNUHealth update - requires python3-tinydb
Closed: Completed 6 months ago by lkocman. Opened a year ago by lkocman.

GNU Health Update is currenlty blocked by some outdated or missing python packages

As with every Leap release, we'd like to provide latest GNU Health stack to provide best in class support for hostpitals, General practitioners etc.

This particular update is blocked on missing python3-tinydb which requires update of few underlying python-packages

python-py (>= 1.8.2)

This is actually an issue for MyGNUHealth, not for the HMIS package (GNU Health)

The pytest part was cleaned up thanks to Matej for kicking into this. However we're still blocked on the tinydb. I did email python@ maling list to see if there is somebody willing to help

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a year ago

This seems to be the list that makes the build possible

python-appdirs 1.4.4
python-backports.entry_points_selectable 1.1.1
python-importlib-metadata 4.10.1
python-iniconfig 1.1.1
python-mypy 0.941
python-mypy_extensions 0.4.3
python-packaging 21.3
python-platformdirs 2.4.0
python-py 1.11
python-pytest 6.2.5
python-pytest-isort 1.1.0 (fix build error for python-pydyf)
python-pytest-mock 3.6.1
python-pytest-mypy 0.8.1
python-pytest-xdist 2.5.0
python-setuptools 58.3.0
python-setuptools_scm 6.4.2
python-sphinx-autodoc-typehints 1.12
python-virtualenv 20.13.3

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a year ago

I still see open submits for

This is still the case, do we still need to get these updated for 15.4:Update or is the original reason for update already "out of scope" as in after GA.

Thank you Axel

Hi Lubos, thanks for following up.
MyGNUHealth as currently shipped in Leap 15.4 works fine. python-tinydb comes in version 4.7.0.
I think we can close this issue.

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6 months ago

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