#72 Migration path from Leap and Leap Micro to Adaptable Linux Platform
Opened 8 months ago by lkocman. Modified 8 months ago

This is an action item from today's openSUSE Board meeting.

We'd like to ensure that there is a sealess migration path for Leap 15.X users to Adaptable Linux Platform.

I'd like to also figure out how does Leap Micro fit in.

Sysds: People should also know about existing migration path to Tumbleweed.

Stefan: Change in ALS (Assembly Line Simulator) could be painful for older hardware. We'll also go for the x86-64-v3. Probably worth a separate tracker.

Metadata Update from @Pharaoh_Atem:
- Issue set to the milestone: ALP (was: Next)

8 months ago

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