#75 Framework laptop support
Opened 10 months ago by lkocman. Modified 9 months ago

We are not certfied distribution for https://frame.work/ as the fingerprint reader doesn't work out of the box (or is not easily set-up).

This would be the task to get among certified distributions and consider some of proposed tweaks for our Workstation https://gist.github.com/cornfeedhobo/8f32430dc6c52b9a4776df91701b1d96

Proposing Leap 15.4 / SLED 15 SP4 Update and ALP

WIP HCP Page https://en.opensuse.org/HCL:FrameworkLaptop (we will need somebody with Framework laptop to enlist what works and what doesn't)

Fedora and Ubuntu are supported https://frame.work/linux

one particular aspect there that probably helps a broad range of users is offering the "stable" kernel as optional hardware-refresh kernel towards openSUSE users. Other distributions provide that option as well.

The guide uses the repository we (unofficially) provide for the purpose.

Metadata Update from @lkocman:
- Custom field SUSE Jira - SUSE Linux Enterprise adjusted to https://jira.suse.com/browse/PM-3449

10 months ago

I did rewrite the description to aim for certification and consider some of the changes for Leap/TW/SLED and ALP

Apart from kernel part, do we want to make these config bits to be default in Leap? or perhaps we create a framework-laptop-config package for store these config bits?

So to be supported, we have to provide the fingerprint reader working experience out of box. The other settings is just recommendation. And should be individually "considered" on our desktop. I did already talk to e.g. yast team regarding the swap size calculation etc.

Action items from today's meeting:

The workshop has uncover the fact that people use the latest stable kernel on Leap to have "decent" hardware enablement.

This is also somethign that we'd like to recommend to the SUSE IT for Issue #77.

for 15.4 I'd like to advertise the options (perhaps mention it in release-notes) and in 15.5 offer latest kernel stable as a "newer" (TODO figure out word for it) hardware enablement support.

I did ping YaST team to see if it's doable in 15.5.

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