#82 Update Mdadm to the latest
Closed: Completed a year ago by lkocman. Opened 2 years ago by bkucman.

Please upgrade Mdadm in the SLES 15.5 code stream to top commit from mdadm repo (https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/utils/mdadm/mdadm.git/log/).

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2 years ago

@bkucman could you please give us a reasoning for the request? So I can come to Product Management, with "we need this because of x.y.z?". One short paragraph would be perfect. Thank you! Please make sure it's done this week, as there is an upcoming deadline for early features. I need to make sure feature is in jira and moved to engineering by 29th.

Fri, July 29, 2022 SLES Features are Submitted to E&I

SLES 15.4 contains mdadm 4.1 - which was released in 2018. Since then there were many bug fixes committed. Newest mdadm contains also bitmap feature.
Please answer if this justification is sufficient or not.

This looks good to me. Thank you

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Waiting for feedback from Jeffrey.

Hi @lkocman
I checked SLE-15-SP5-Full-x86_64-Beta1 and there is mdadm 4.1 with some patches applied, so it is not updated to the latest version.

What is current status on jira? I can't check myself because I don't have access.


I am the maintainer of mdadm for SUSE. Indeed the update was done in early Nov. Because this a large change, the first step I only submitted it to openSUSE Factory (our Factory-First policy) and planed to have it in Factory for around 1 month, then submit it to SLE15-SP5.

Now it is about 1 month and there are a few bug reported and fixed. I plan to sync the package to SLE15-SP5 within this week.


Coly Li

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a year ago

4.2 is now in SLES 15 SP5 Beta as well as Leap 15.5 Beta. Update was released 28 days ago.

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