#94 zypper ability to read repo files from multiple destinations
Opened 5 months ago by lkocman. Modified 4 months ago

The current direction of implementing Issue#91 (repo file definitions via zypper service) seems to raise new challenges.

Neal suggests to add a feature to zypper to enable configuration of order for repo file lookup.

Implementing this could slowly allow us to use a package-manager agnostic directory for repo definitions. Which I think is the end goal.

DNF already supports this feature https://dnf.readthedocs.io/en/latest/conf_ref.html#reposdir-label

The built-in order of DNF repo file lookup if following
:OptionStringList reposdir{{"/etc/dnf/repos.d", "/etc/yum.repos.d, "/etc/yum/repos.d", "/etc/distro.repos.d"}};

It is IMO not so much a matter of WHERE a .repo file lives, it's a matter of it's CONTENT and how it is HANDLED. The point is that zypp and yum .repo files differ. We have different sets of options and even same options may have a slightly different semantic. We also support different URl schemata (including plugable custom schemata like susecloud://...). And we probably use different strategies when modifying repo options or resolving repo variable substitutions or repo alias clashes.

So a common directory IMO solves not much ATM, because it's content would be limited to the least common subset. And that's neither full yum nor zypp.

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