#95 Make disclaimer for Alpha/Beta/RC distributions more adaptive
Opened 9 months ago by milachew. Modified 4 months ago

In the disclaimer for all types of test distributions, only Beta is written.

openSUSE could have not only Beta, but also Alpha and RC distributions.

I suggest doing one of the following:
- or make some "universal" mark of all test distribution (change to README.TEST and all Beta words to Test)
- or make changes in README.BETA file adoptable, depending on what type of distribution (including change README.BETA to README.RC, etc. itself)
- or make one README.TEST file with adaptive content, depending on what type of distribution.

For example, now the alpha version of Leap 15.5 has a README.BETA with with a mention include about Beta. But it can be confusing because at the time of writing this comment, Leap 15.5 is Alpha.


We're basically doing the same thing as SLES. I'd not touch this in what could be the very last Leap release.

Sugessting for ALP.

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8 months ago

Sugessting for ALP.

I agree.

This change requires some restructions, so, it is more suitable for nextgen ALP.

I did raise the proposal on this week's ALP open floor talk. And release management liked the idea (Alex H.).

Seems like internally SLE 15 was more snapshot 'date' oriented, which doesn't clearly set expectations unlike (Alpha X, Beta X).

I've raised the point about having typically two sets of file Beta and non-Beta one.

In general proposal was accepted well.

Metadata Update from @lkocman:
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4 months ago

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