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Lufi's authors

Main developers


  • Nikos Filopoulos (italian translation)
  • Framartin (fix french translation)
  • Sébastien Duthil (fix english translation)
  • Armando Lüscher, https://noplanman.ch/ (fix css)
  • Quentin Pagès (occitan translation)
  • Yann Le Brech (htpasswd file support)
  • Jéssica Da Cunha (portuguese translation)
  • Ilker Kulgu (fix IE11 compatibility, Dutch translation)
  • Stéphane Baron (bugfix)
  • Butterfly of Fire (arabic translation)
  • Frju365 (german translation)
  • pi2 (german translation)
  • alexandre.LG, http://inios.fr/

Vulnerabilities / bug hunters

Lufi participated to a Hackpéro (sort of a bug bounty hackathon), thanks to Bounty factory.

Many thanks to those who found bugs and vulnerabilities:

  • joker2a
  • March
  • Nicknam3
  • SaxX
  • tfairane