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  <revision rev="1" vrev="1">
    <comment>- more work on spec to enable A4 paper format and use pango for non-latin characters in PS output
- use make install target instead of custom commands in specfile
- some minor specfile tweaks to reduce rpmlint warnings
- Update to 8.14.0:
  * better handling of fonts when pango
  * bad transposition when chord symbols separated by ';'
  * always use pango when available
  * Use CSS shorthand file description for SVG output
  * Split clean targets according to the GNU guidelines
  * Install documentation into prefix/share/doc instead of prefix/doc
  * Install the examples in a separate documentation directory
  * add man page
- Use github URL in source field
- Clean up spec file with spec-cleaner
- Clean up spec file according to rpmlint warnings
- Use %license tag for COPYING file
- Dont install INSTALL file
- updated to version 8.13.18
- sources are on github now, changed specfile accordingly
- updated to version 6.6.22
- updated to version 5.9.15
- updated/added format files from abcplus page
- updated to version 5.9.7
- updated to version 5.9.6
- updated to version 5.9.5
- updated to version 5.9.4
- updated to version 4.12.30
- added 3 .fmt extensions
- taken from &quot;original&quot; src.rpm from the project homepage
  rewritten for packman
- initial version 4.12.27
  <revision rev="2" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.1:
  * bad definition of the music font (@font-face[1])
  * bad error when --pango 2 in command line and SVG output
  * bad beams when notes on 2 staves and %%flatbeams
  * error in SVG output when color setting since version v8.14.0
  * code revert: use pango only when needed
  * crash in 'make install' when no 'rst2man' in the shell PATH

- Fix some grammar issues in descriptions.
- Use %configure macro.</comment>
  <revision rev="3" vrev="1">
  <revision rev="4" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.3:
  * erroneous double '8va's on a same staff when set on combined notes/rests
  * don't put two '8va's on the same staff
  * loss of %%sep since previous version</comment>
  <revision rev="5" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.4:
  * program loop when P: on beamed note at end of line and %%breakoneoln 0
  * crash/loop when slur between note and grace note and other slurs later</comment>
  <revision rev="6" vrev="2">
  <revision rev="7" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.5:
  * staves not joined by bars when intermediate staff not displayed
  * 'sample8.html' was not installed
  * license moved to LGPL &gt;= 3
  * don't limit the volta brackets to the length of the first ending</comment>
  <revision rev="8" vrev="2">
  <revision rev="9" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update compiler_flags.patch

- Update to 8.14.6:
  * bad voice combine '3' when 3 voices and unison
  * don't separate the accents from the notes by tuplets
  * clash of tuplet numbers with accents
  * bad time signature when C or C| and more value(s)
  * warnings from clang static analysis
  * bad music font selection when not defined by 'url(..)'
  * bad vertical offset of &quot;%%multicol new&quot; when W: and %%begintext
  * bad handling of fonts
  * Add option flatbeamgracing that applies flat beams to grace notes only
  * put the upper tuplets a bit closer to the notes</comment>
  <revision rev="10" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.7:
  * crash when %%score with no common voices and next notes with beams
  * crash when new staff system with only new voices
  * crash when slash found before a bar and not a (deprecated) measure repeat
  * crash when %%staves at end of tune and lack of music in the last voice
  * bad parsing of the note durations
  * clash of some ties with dots
  * bad check of the number of measures in Z (multi-rest)
  * new improved coda sign
  * Make pkg-config substitutable for cross-compilations
  * add option tieheight factor to tie height like in slurheight
  * add some decorations from v2.2 standard</comment>
  <revision rev="11" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.9:
  * fix: bad natural accidental when %%MIDI temperamentequal

- Update to 8.14.8:
  * fix: no respect the width in %%staffbreak
  * fix: don't draw a staff when only %%staffbreak inside
  * fix: bad repeat bracket when continued on next line, line starting by a bar
  * fix: bad tuplet bracket again when at end of a voice overlay sequence
  * fix: bad tuplet bracket when at end of a voice overlay sequence
  * handle '%%MIDI temperamentequal '
  * accept '^1' and '_1' as microtone accidentals</comment>
  <revision rev="12" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.10:
  * fix: bad glyph when defined by SVG containing 'v' in
  * fix: bad check of note length since commit 191fa55
  * fix: memory corruption when error in %%staves/%%score
  * fix: crash when too big note duration
  * fix: crash when staff width too small</comment>
  <revision rev="13" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.11:
  * fix: error &quot;'staffwidth' too small&quot; when generating</comment>
  <revision rev="14" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.12:
  * crash when &quot;%%break 1&quot; and no measure bar in the tune
  * crash when duplicated voice ending on %%staves with repeat variant
  * crash when voice duplication with symbols without width
  * crash or bad output when null value in %%scale
  * problem when only bars in 2 voices followed %%staves of the second voice only
  * crash when tuplet error in grace note sequence
  * crash when grace note with empty tuplet
  * crash when many broken rhythms after a single grace note
  * access outside the deco array when error in U:
  * crash when !xstem! with no note in the previous voice
  * crash on tuplet without any note/rest
  * crash when grace notes at end of line and voice overlay
  * crash when !trem2! at start of a grace note sequence
  * crash when wrong duration in 2 voice overlays and bad ties
  * crash when accidental without a note at start of line after K:
  * array overflow when wrong duration in voice overlay
  * loss of left margin after first page since previous commit
  * no respect of %%leftmargin with -E or -g
  * bad placement of chord symbols when in a music line with only invisible rests
  * Accept and remove one or two '%'s at start of all %%beginxxx lines
  * Move the CSS from XHTML to SVG
  * configure: respect environment variable
- Refresh compiler_flags.patch</comment>
  <revision rev="15" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to 8.14.13:
  * fix: don't start/stop slurs above/below decorations
  * fix: crash when too many notes in a grace note sequence (#102)
  * fix: crash when too big value in M: (#103)
  * fix: loop or crash when too big width of y (space) (#104)
  * fix: bad font definition with SVG output when spaces in font name
  * fix: bad check of note length again (#106)
  * fix: handle %%staffscale at the global level (#108)
  * fix: bad vertical offset of lyrics when mysic line starts with
    empty staves</comment>
  <revision rev="16" vrev="2">
    <comment>  * crash when accidental without a note at start of line after K: (CVE-2021-32435)
  * array overflow when wrong duration in voice overlay (CVE-2021-32434, CVE-2021-32436)</comment>