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  <revision rev="1" vrev="1">
    <comment>new package ...</comment>
  <revision rev="2" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to version 1.7:
  * Add IT translation. @albanobattistella
  * Fix incorrect handling of system wide options when multiple
    drivers are defined. @jlhertel
  * Add option to change default config directories. @jlhertel
  * Add code of conduct. @jlhertel</comment>
  <revision rev="3" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to version 2.4:
  * Renamed application from to
  * Handle string and float options.
  * Add Polish translations. @baryluk
  * Make various cosmetic fixes.
- Changes for older versions in 2.* series:
  * Rename application to org.freedesktop.adriconf
  * Make sure themes don't add shadows to button.
  * Add tooltips to add profile screen.
  * Fix Spin Button fields, so that increment/decrement fields are
    correctly visible.
  * Improve Switch buttons with more visible colors.
  * Small fix fox incorrect shadows with default GTK+ theme.
  * User Interface is dark by default
  * Completely removed dialogs and replaced them with screens,
    giving a more natural navigation.
  * Profiles are now saved independently giving the user more
    control on what to save.
  * Mesa-defined profiles are not shown anymore, avoiding previous
    confusion on what the user added and what is defined by mesa
  * Better validate when the user adds a new profile.
  * Bug-fix: When switching the GPU on PRIME settings now we keep
    the same application selected.</comment>
  <revision rev="4" vrev="1">
  <revision rev="5" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to version 2.5.0:
  * No changelog provided</comment>
  <revision rev="6" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to version 2.5.1:
  * No changelog provided</comment>
  <revision rev="7" vrev="1">
    <comment>- Update to version 2.6.0:
  * No changelog provided</comment>