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--- docs/man/rpm.8.orig	2021-09-23 19:20:46.991203867 +0000
+++ docs/man/rpm.8	2021-09-23 19:22:45.918961340 +0000
@@ -601,6 +601,11 @@ Query all packages that provide the \f[I
 \f[B]--whatrequires \f[R]\f[I]CAPABILITY\f[R]
 Query all packages that require \f[I]CAPABILITY\f[R] for proper
+Note that this does not return what requires a given package.
+A package usually provides multiple capabilities and file-names on which
+other packages may depend. To see the complete dependencies
+for a package, use \f[B]-e --test \f[R]\f[I]PACKAGE_NAME\f[R]
 \f[B]--whatconflicts \f[R]\f[I]CAPABILITY\f[R]
 Query all packages that conflict with \f[I]CAPABILITY\f[R].