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/!\ Disclaimer

This is the construction site for the upcoming Leap and Tumbleweed documentation. Please do not consider any of this as official documentation for now. Use instead: - Generic documentation based on Leap: - Tumbleweed specific knowledge-base:


Take a look at the "About" section (right panel). You can also check this out for context. If you wonder why we are doing this when there is already an official documentation along with wikis, the answer is two-fold: * wikis make it difficult to sort the outdated / unofficial stuff from the up-to-date / official stuff * the official docs is slightly outdated, provides too little recommendations or best-practice advices on top of technical facts, is tedious to navigate at times and does not cater for Tumbleweed users.

We are therefore working with people from the official docs to move to a maintainer-centric model, which we believe will better serve the openSUSE community.


  1. Check out on the table of contents below.
  2. Refer to the instructions available here.

Roadmap & table of contents

  1. End of February 2021: we finish acquiring and writing all the contents of the sections Before installing and Installing of the table of contents.
  2. End of April: in parallel of reviewing (1) for both contents and language, we split the workflow into two groups, one finishing the contents for subsections (8-11) while the other works on (6-7) and (12).
  3. May: we shuffle teams while maintaining a two-team workflow, this time for subsections (13-18), to be divided up as suits the teams.
  4. Enf of June 2021: we release version 1.0 here on GitPages.