CUPS Docker Image


This container image contains the latest cups server from openSUSE Tumbleweed.


Start the container

podman run -d --rm -p 631:631 --name cups


This CUPS container comes with a default cups configuration which allows remote access for adminitration. An own configuration can be provided as volume: -v /srv/cups:/etc/cups, where the example assumes you have your cups configuration stored in /srv/cups.

For further configuration, login to the CUPS web interface on port 631 (e.g. https://localhost:631) and configure CUPS to your need. IMPORTANT: you need to use https://, else cups will do a wrong redirect!

The default administration account is: admin

For security reasons there is no default password, it has to be set with the environment variable ADMIN_PASSWORD.

podman run -d --rm -p 631:631 -v /srv/cups:/etc/cups -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=mySecretPassword --name cups