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10 groups
openSUSE MicroOS
Minimal, scalable, and resilient operating system platform
openSUSE Linux Kernel
The heart of the openSUSE Linux distribution
openSUSE Factory
The rolling openSUSE distribution and the basis for the next stable openSUSE release
openSUSE Heroes
The openSUSE infrastructure admins
openSUSE Leap
The rock-solid stable openSUSE distribution based on SUSE Linux Enterprise
openSUSE Board
The organization that stewards the openSUSE Project
Saltstack formulas infra mirror
Saltstack formulas mirrored for openSUSE Infrastructure
openSUSE Project
The project that creates one of the world's best Linux distributions, as well as a variety of tools.
openSUSE Asahi
openSUSE effort to support Asahi platform for Apple ARM Macs
Development Tracking for openSUSE Kalpa